Expressions in Bloom Fundraiser

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We are excited to present a unique fundraising opportunity that brings a touch of nature’s beauty into homes and supports our school community.

Our exquisite calendars, featuring stunning photographs of Birth Month Flowers, are not only visually appealing, but also educational. Each month showcases a different flower along with an inspiring message about its history and symbolism. The calendar will be customized with our school’s logo, mission/vision statement, and important school closing dates.

We are grateful for your support and proud to be offering a unique and meaningful product as part of our fundraising efforts.

Thank you for participating in our fundraising program

Please follow these steps to ensure your orders are entered properly and your school receives proper credit:

Student’s Name: Please provide the student’s first and last name

Parents/External Email Address: No school email addresses please. We will use this email to contact you with any questions about your order.

Student ID: Some schools will require your Student ID on orders, others will not. Please check with your fundraiser coordinator before placing your order. If your order does not require a Student ID please leave it blank.

School Name: Please include your school’s full name i.e. Glastonbury High School versus GHS.

Grade: Please provide students’ current grade

To enter multiple orders, please use the number box in the lower left corner of the order form next to the “Add to cart” button.

Any questions regarding your order should be directed to your school’s fundraising coordinator/PTO.

Customizable Birth Month Calendar

When your order is submitted, a receipt will be emailed to the Parent/External email address that you provided
with your order. Your receipt will include the number of items purchased, sales tax, and total order price.

Please keep your receipt for future reference. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us for assistance. 


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